Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nanee's Review of A Christmas Surrender by Jodi Olson

Book Description:

Holly Jacobs was single for the first time in years on Christmas Eve. Whether that was good or bad, she wasn’t sure. She only wanted to get through the holidays. Could a stranger named Jack make her forget her ex, Andrew? It was a Christmas she’d never forget, one that would change her life, a Christmas Surrender.

Nanee's Review:

Another sexy short from Jodi Olson and just in time for the holidays. Holly is single and in  my opinion a good thing considering her ex is a butt head. Her heart isn't into another let down where men are concerned so when she's hit on at a bar on Christmas Eve she gives this handsome guy with a sexy ass a let down but luckily he didn't take the hint. Jack is a sexy as hell also got dumped guy who is a workaholic but when he meets Holly he can't take no for a answer. Holly thinks she's fat but Jack loves her curves and thinks she perfect (swoon) he's perfect. I love a book that has sexy as hell characters, love and a lot of hot sex...4 stars
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