Monday, October 28, 2013

Nanee's Review Touché by A.JLlewellyn and D.J. Manly 
A.J. Llewellyn
Book Description:

Sam Channing and Marco Dellburn have overcome numerous obstacles to be together. But can they beat Marco's growing drug addiction? With Marco's life hanging in the balance, Sam is forced to focus on work in his deadliest case yet…
US Marshal Marco Dellburn faces new and difficult challenges in this tenth exciting installment of the Orgasmic Texas Dawn series. His relationship with motorbike gang Born Evil leader, Sam Channing, undergoes huge changes as Marco grapples with a secret, and potentially fatal, prescription drug addiction. Unable to cope with his increasing dependence on pain medication stemming from the attempt on his life, Marco fears losing his job. Worse, he worries that Sam, who suspects Marco's addiction, will leave him. Nothing seems to work on the intense pain from his lingering injury and Marco curses what he believes to be his own weakness.
Add to that, Sam agrees to go undercover for the US Marshals in a drug sting operation in Colombia, South America that may finally take down the Carter Family cartel once and for all…

Nanee's Review: 

I could not wait to read more about Sam and Marco and this book only made their story better (my fav couple) ...holy hell it's full of mystery, laughs (secret farts..I laughed so hard) and sexy as hell. I loved how the writer described Marco's pain and his addiction to pain meds, it felt real, I felt for Marco the tough as nails US Marshal who can't stand the pain anymore. Sam oh Sam hot as hell and so in love with Marco he can't think straight but when he and Marco get into hot water time and time again he proves his loyalty to Marco. I love their love for each other, it's so real and they work hard at it (their love is never comes easy). A lot of these characters, I wish I had Trace and Pauline looking after me. Loved this book, can't wait for another one...I want more Sam and Marco...Love Sam's comment about boobies! Lmao....5 huge stars 

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