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Nanee's Review of In Flames by Jessica Jayne

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Book Description:

Gracelyn Riley married a firefighter and she knew that came with some risks. But she never imagined herself widowed in her early thirties with two children to care for on her own. Even though she had asked her husband, Chad, for a trial separation the week before his death because she found out about an affair he was having, dealing with the last year without him has not been easy. Her brother-in-law, Matt, has been the rock that has kept her from collapsing.

As a fireman, Matt Riley had been at the scene when his brother was killed. Several other firefighters had to hold him back to keep him from going after his brother in the collapsing building. The last year has been difficult for Matt. He suffered greatly from survivor’s guilt and drank himself into oblivion on several occasions. His one saving grace has come in the form of his sister-in-law, Gracelyn. Her friendship has pulled him through time and time again.

With the year anniversary of Chad’s death upon them, Gracelyn and Matt turn to each for support and comfort. What they didn’t expect was to realize that their feelings for each other may go well beyond the solid friendship they share. Can they overcome the guilt and the scrutiny of their family and friends to find love together?

 Nanee's Review:

Love a book with firefighters (sigh) and Matt is so damn sexy. I loved Matt and Gracey, they are perfect for each other as friends and more. I thought the writer captured their feelings perfectly, dealing with the grief of loosing a loved one, being their for each other but realizing they want to be more to each other, I thought the story was very sexy (I mean, oh my god the sex scenes are hot hot hot) and thought the story was also sweet and loving all at once. Loved the family dynamic as well, dinners on Sunday and spending time together. Great story, I look forward to reading more by this author. 4.5 stars

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