Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nanee's Review of Dreamwalker's Duo ( The hidden pack #1) by Gracie Meadows

Author: Gracie Meadows
Erotic Romance Author-
   JK Publishing
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Book description:

In book one of the Hidden Pack: Becky Butler lives in the small town of Misty Falls, where everyone goes about their own business. Being a simple girl, she works at the local coffee shop and writes articles for the local paper. People tend to avoid her since she is the daughter of the police chief. And oh, yeah, he happens to be the pack Alpha too. She does have two wonderful friends she shares everything with—even her secret. But after being burnt once in love due to her circumstances, she believes no one will accept her for who and what she is.

Dmitri and Nikolai Daciani have been staying under the radar since the day they were told they were the chosen ones of the prophesy. After constantly moving around to avoid detection, they end up taking jobs as police officers in a small town in South Carolina. The brothers had learned a lot in their ninety plus years, but nothing prepared them for the spunky, shy, little blonde with blue eyes. Their world is turned upside down and all they can do is hold on for the ride because they won't turn away from her. She is theirs and if it means facing off with the evil that is trying to end the prophesy before it can set the magical and shifter world right once again—then they plan to be the men for the job.

Murder comes to this quiet town and answers are needed to solve the riddles left behind. Becky's dreams become a real life horror story and the men must be able to stop the murders before they finally get to her.

Will Becky’s secret be her undoing? Or will her secret, along with the secrets of others, be the key to vanquish the evil. Can love conquer a destiny that has been set—only time will tell as brothers, mates, family, and friends come together to find the answers.

Warning: Sexually explicit content – MFM.

Nanee's Review:

Wow...this book is sexy, intriguing, mysterious and did I say sexy ?!!!!! I loved these characters rough tough sexy as hell twins Dmitri and Nik (swoon) they are a force to be reckoned with, Becky is one lucky chick that's for sure. The book starts out with Becky's life being somewhat dull a loser ex boyfriend then all hell breaks loose and in comes the sexy twins. I couldn't put it down once I started reading, I had to know what happens next and even though there's a major cliffhanger you will love it and beg for the next book...secrets are revealed, lives are at stake, witches, wolfs, humans its got it all. Hot as hell, I mean burn the sheets hot sex. Becky's got her hands full...Interesting revelations with Becky and her mom...5 stars ...if you like paranormal this book is for you. 

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