Friday, October 11, 2013

Nanee's Review of Crashed by Danielle A. Elwood


Book Description:

Emily Taylor is a twenty-six year old event planner who has made a career out of dating; with the majority of it ending up as a complete nightmare. She is driven, motivated, and rising to the top in her career…but not in her love life. However, a random car accident will change her life forever.

Avery Martin is a country boy stuck in the city working his dream job of being a fire fighter. Over the years he has given up a lot, including dating, to focus on his career. Responding to a car accident one day he becomes overly involved with the woman he is rescuing.

Will these two find love, or will amnesia cost them the future they might have had?

Nanee's Review:

Wow! This story has it all, funny as hell ( Love Emily and Becca), there's some mystery there and hot hot hot hot sex. Emily and Avery met under extreme circumstances but they can't stop thinking about each other, they are perfect for each other too but problems arise right away. I love when Avery visited her in the hospital so freakin sweet. This book takes you on a wild ride with two people who cant help but want each other badly but also don't want to rush things. Love the co characters Tom and Becca, love Gran, Captain Sullivan too. A great story that flows perfectly, keeps you interested and has many laughs, sniffles and hot hot hot stars or 5 sexy fireman. 

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