Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nanee's Review of Right Now book 1 of the seduced series by Jackie McMahon


Book description:

Angelina Marie Moore is a small time girl from Virginia looking for a fresh start to life in a big city like New York City. After having the only man she truly loved be ripped out of her life forever and get cheated on by a man that she tried to love, she ends up leaving and starting over in a new city. Dennis Evers is a man is that has it all, he is the CEO of Evers and Evers Communications and a CIA Secret Agent. There both nothing compared to what he really wants…someone to share his hopes and dreams with. Now he finds himself on a special secret mission to protect a girl that has no idea of what power she welds in a ring that she wears.

“Right Now” is seductive and yet can be a dirty read that follows the point of view of two complete strangers from different backgrounds and eventually fallen head over heels for each other, while trying to keep a secret relic from fallen into the wrong hands. This book is intended for mature audiences and is also book one of the “Seduced Series.”

Nanee's  Review:

This book has intrigue, mystery and a touch of supernatural. I thought this story was very creative and interesting . The two main characters have issues with trust and love and they both definitely aren't looking for romance. Dennis oh my god, what a sexy, rich, kick ass guy and then there's Angie a sweet hometown girl who carriers a secret ring on her finger that has powers shes not aware of.  Once Dennis kidnaps Angie their relationship or should I say hot as hell sex turns explosive. I thought the writer captured their lust for each other than their true feelings very well. The writer captured my attention right from the beginning, the only part I thought a little hard to believe is Angie after throwing her initial fit just agrees to stay because Dennis said so (not so sure about that). As the story continues Angie learns a little about Dennis and his make shif family, I liked those parts a lot. I also like the lengths Dennis goes to make Angie comfortable and happy (very sweet). Of course the story has to end with a kick ass cliff hanger (love it) but I cannot wait for two...if you love light supernatural, intriguing with sexy characters and hot sex this book is for you ....4.5 stars

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