Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review Of Turmoil Orgasmic Texas Dawn 9 by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly 5 Stars

Turmoil (eBook)
m/m romance
Genres: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Cowboys, Crime (police/detectives/PI), Family & Relationships, Gay, Romance, Suspense/Mystery, Western - See more at: https://spsilverpublishing.com/turmoil-ebook-p-1512.html#sthash.Ca1WFLFy.dpuf

Book description:

Marco Dellburn is anxious to change his life and become a US Marshal. He's found a family with his favorite law enforcement officers. There are those in his past, however, who will do anything to stop him--and destroy him--completely.

Marco Dellburn's past as an abused teen has provided him with the toughness needed to be a US Marshal. Supported and encouraged by his idol, Jubilee Mason, Marco takes his advice and enrolls in all the grueling courses the Marshals have to offer. He even attends intense FBI workshops and upon graduation, finds he really does have a family in Jubilee and his husband, Kieran Fox, Nicholas Fournier and his lover Sean Mercado and especially Trace Thatcher, his surrogate dad and landlord.

Living in Trace and Pauline's home, Marco finds the protection and acceptance he never had at the hands of his brutal father, Kenny Dellburn, the leader of the vicious motorcycle gang Born Evil. Trace, who shot Kenny in defense of Marco, is now a marked man wanted by Born Evil. There's another big problem too. Marco is deeply in love with the gang's new leader, Sam Channing… the man he can never be with and can never, ever stop loving. There's a heavy price to pay for this passion. There's turmoil. And death.

Nanee's Review:

I absolutely loved this story, it has it all... rough and tough bad ass bikers and sweet and sexy US Marshall's...my oh my this story is full of sexy men....I loved Marco's character, He's still in love with Sam the leader of the motorcycle gang Born Evil and even though his family is shit and abusive he found himself on the right side of the law as a US Marshall. Amazing supportive friends Marco considers family, men that were there for him. Sam the leader of this misfit motorcycle gang isn't happy , he didn't want this for his life but with no options he tries to do what's right by his gang, he can't however  forget about his childhood friend Marco. Both these guys are amazing. I love a story that has action, suspense, love and hot hot hot guys. I could not put this book down once I started reading it, I hope for Marco and Sam's happiness whatever that may be..I would love to read another Orgasmic Texas Dawn....5 Stars

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