Friday, August 23, 2013

Review of Be Your Everything by Hazel St. James

 Be Your Everything (Learning to Let Go, #4)

Book Description:

Life is slowly returning to normal for Darrin James now that his short relationship with Sara, the daughter of his mentor, is over. A strange chain of events puts Darrin, a headstrong former Navy Corpsman, directly into the path of Becca Breyton, an open-minded, straightforward free spirit from the big city. Not able to handle the mental anguish from a horrific attack in Afghanistan, Darrin has learned to shut off and hide everything that might cause him pain. His mind starts dredging up those long-forgotten memories and puts them in the forefront of his mind again. All of this leaves Darrin trying to handle a relationship for the first time in his entire life, while he works on dealing with his past that he just wants to forget. Can Darrin let Becca inside his walls so that they have a chance at staying together? Is his emotional pain more than either one of them can handle?

Nanee's Review:

I know I may say this alot but I loved these characters..Darren a sexy navy Corpsman ( a hero) with nightmares from what he endured over seas doesn't want anyone in his life, he doesn't think he can love or be loved like most people do. I thought the writer captured his demons perfectly, his nightmares, remembering his best friend, his relationship with his brother. ...The writer also showed his human side when he rescued a dog and kept her as his own......this book was hard to put down once I started reading it..I also loved Becca's character, she is one feisty, speak your mind, flirty, nick naming hot chick..I loved her free speaking part, and shes a badass lawyer too...I also liked Darren's brother Corey ( I hope he gets a story of his own)..I loved the nick naming parts....I recommend this story, it was sweet, emotional and fun all at the same time..4 stars

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