Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nanee's review of The Moon's Dirty Light - Werewolves of Baltimore by H.L Holston & Eleanor Bruce

The Moon's Dirty Light

Is there ever a good time to tell the man with whom you just had mind blowing sex that you're a werewolf and, chances are, come the next full moon, he'll be sporting fur and fangs too?

Police Officer Logan Robinson isn't sure. Logan's been in lust with his partner and best friend Dylan Reed for as long as he can remember. But Logan is a werewolf and after accidentally giving his partner the mating bite during sex Dylan will become one too. 

Dylan is royally pissed when he finds out because Logan conveniently forgot to mention his little affliction until after they'd spent the night humping each other's brains out. As if turning into a creature of the night wasn’t enough, Logan and he are investigating murders that look suspiciously like dog-attacks, but they're not. 

Finding a killer is tricky enough. Now it will be almost impossible with their personal issues clouding the investigation. And if Dylan does turn into a four-legged freak at the next full moon, the fur will fly.

Nanee's Review:
The writers created two great characters....I enjoyed Dylan and Logan. Their both detectives and partners trying to catch a murderer. Their sexy flirty banter, their mind blowing sex and their mating all draws you in......I thought the story was very creative, a lot different then your typical werewolves story. It had intrigue, mystery, humor and sexy police detectives, I mean come on you gotta love sexy police detectives....I thought the writers captured my attention and kept it .......I recommend this sorry to supernatural werewolf fans and hope for more Dylan and Logan....
4 stars

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