Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Moving On by Edward Kendrick

Moving On: A Mystery (eBook)

Moving on by Edward Kendrick


When his husband, Darrin, is murdered right in front of him and the killer vanishes into the darkness, Mitch Cavanaugh must learn to move on. As he tries to gather up the shattered pieces of his life, and the police search for the murderer, he's approached by a stranger who claims to know why Darrin was killed. Then the man disappears.
Six months later, and with the police no closer to finding the killer, Mitch suddenly discovers he may now be the man's next target. It will take the combined efforts of Mitch, the police, and a new friend, Chad, to stop the killer before he strikes again. 

Nanee's Review:

I  thought this story was very emotional...loosing your husband, not finding the killer and having to look over your shoulder but I also thought it was sweet. I couldn't ever imagine loosing my husband and I thought the writer captured Mitch's part very well...grieving, not being able to let go, having fond memories. ..I also enjoyed Chad's character, being friends with Mitch and lending him an ear, being their for him and helping him cope . I like stories that keep you guessing and some intrigue in it. I thought the story was very creatively written, it's not your typical romance or mystery.....4 stars 


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