Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Review of Secretly, Secretly by Bianca De Sanctis

Secretly, Secretly

m/m story

Thank you to Silver Stream Press for allowing me the opportunity to read and review this story.

Book description: 

Told alongside a series of flashbacks, 'Secretly, Secretly' is a historical romance that explores the relationship between two young men of vastly different upbringings, as they attempt to overcome the social norms that separate them. It is the question Elijah Livingston has always wondered, and there's no one he would rather discover the answer with than his former servant and best friend, Gabriel. But Gabriel took flight of the Livingston estate, and with him went Elijah's hope of whatever future they might hold together. Eight years later, Elijah has the chance to win him back, and he won't stop until Gabriel is his again. In a time when nothing is more precious than a secret or more dangerous than a scandal, can master and servant find happiness in each other?

My review: 

I really enjoyed this story, I thought it was a unique change in a historical romance. A Master and Servant as bestfriends and possible lovers.... I thought the author created wonderful characters. My favorite is Gabriel. I loved his shyness, his blushing and his hopes and dreams of having his bestfriend back in his life and I loved especially his strength in changing his life walking away from his Master. Elijah's character is restricted by societies rules and gossip. Elijah is the heir to to the Livingston fortune and he knows the gossip of society wouldn't understand his relationship with his servant. Elijah secretly wanted Gabriel to be more than a friend. They both have each other in their hearts but can they hope for a future together???

How close can two people be? this saying....

ebook, 74 pages
Published March 23rd 2013 by Silver Stream Press

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