Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review of Rendezvous with Hymera by Melinda De Ross

 Rendezvous With Hymera

Book Description:

Rendezvous with Hymera follows the development of a beautiful love story and a bizarre chain of events which lead to the investigation of a mystery that falls into a strange and somewhat paranormal discipline - Yoga.

The amateurish investigation starts when Clara DeVine changes her plans for a vacation and ends up in a strange place, where strange things happen. In the scene enters Colin Lambert, a special man from Clara’s past. Their attempts to elucidate the intriguing mystery bring them close again and the unfinished business between them turns into a beautiful and hot love story.
The fate of the female enigma of this story seems to resemble in a strange way that of the people inexplicably lost during The Philadelphia Experiment.

My Review:

I thought this story was creatively written. The two characters have met in the past and are now re acquainted and the story follows these two characters on a journey, very sweet couple. . I thought the story started a little slow and the authors use of too many descriptive words put me off a little, almost over explains the detail using big words. I liked the supernatural elements and the romance ( of course ) and also thought the story was uniquely original which I loved. I found my self wanting to keep reading because the story was very interesting. Over all I thought the story was good....3 to 3 1/2 stars

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