Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hawk 'N' Harley by Max Vos

Hawk 'n' Harley

Hawk 'N' Harley
Author: Max Vos
Genre: m/m

Book Description:

Dan Cowen is a fourth grade teacher who isn't exactly in the closet. He likes to keep his personal life just that - personal. But when he has cause to speak with the parent of a student, Harley Smith, into his life - and his classroom - strolls Hawk, large as life and twice as sexy. Hawk is pushing all Dan's buttons. So when Dan is invited to dinner, he jumps at the chance.

Neither man has a clue where dinner will lead to

Nanee's Review:

I Really enjoyed this story, I thought the author created some great characters and a very sexy story. Harley a sweet kid whose teacher Dan Cowen wants to speak to his parents is forced to send his father to school to meet his teacher. Oh my.... on first sight  Dan doesn't know what to do with himself (drooling over Hawk, Harley's father), hes tongued tied and head is in the clouds but after being invited to a get together at Hawk's house s Sparks fly, lips lock and hands grab, very sexy. Even though this story is short it packs alot of sexy in it.  My favorite is Hawk. He is a sexy as hell, tattooed, Harley badass.  Whats not to love!!!!
4 stars


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