Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nanee's Review The Fallen: book 1 - Dark Genesis by Sean Bazaar

The Fallen (Dark Genesis, #1)

Although I don't usually read this type of story or the fantasy genre I absolutely loved it.  I give it a five star review. 

The story was amazingly written, the writer created amazing  characters and has a terrific imagination. I could not put this book down  once I started reading it. The idea of the book is very unique in itself but the way the writer created the scenes I could visualize what he was describing. This story is very graphic in the fighting scenes but it was necessary to capture the full impact.  I thought the chapters  that Alisha Grace (the human) describes what is going on around her gave me goosebumps ( what she described going on would give anyone goosebumps). The story then is being described through the eyes of the angels and demons. I obviously rooted for the angels but love the conflict and decisions  made by the all-father and although the angels didn't always agree with his decisions, they made a oath to the  all-father. I think that part is  important in the story the conflict and their oaths. I loved the description of the demons, each being very unique and grotesque ( loved it) and was described in such a way I could visualize exactly what they looked like. 

The characters are so well described I fell in love with them all ( angels of course) but if I had to pick  a favorite or favorites I would pick Krillion and Rai and Alisha (of course ) I just want their happily ever afters and of course i cant forget Kane . I cannot wait to read the next in this series. I absolutely love this story and I highly recommend whether you like the fantasy genre or not , it's a great story. 

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