Friday, June 14, 2013

Irresistable Desire by Danielle Jamie

 Irresistible Desire (The Savannah Trilogy, #1)

Irresistibly desire - sexy name for a book, I read the summary and I was very intrigued .

Savannah a sexy women, very popular (especially with hot guys) with the world at her feet, her parents are famous singers, she works for one of the hottest magazine in LA and she's got a boyfriend soon to be finance Logan that she thinks the world of, he's very successful in his business ventures and worships the ground Savannah walks on
( or so it seems )

Logan & Savannah's relationship seems a little odd to me , she goes out with her girlfriend and he stays home ? (I know he's busy but) all the time ? when Logan and Savannah are at a function together he proposes in front of everyone ( very romantic ) and she says yes! only to find out later in the night ( won't ruin it ) he's not what he seems and Savannah breaks it off. Although Savannah is heartbroken she must wipe all memories of Logan from her mind. So she decides to live it up with her girlfriend and ignore Logan's plea for forgiveness .

Incomes Kayden again super hot , I mean it he's hot hot hot (she met him before) but now she's able to look at him a different way. Shes in lust with Kayden (who wouldn't be) and he's the perfect distraction for Savannah's broken heart, the sex scenes are amazingly sexy, very hot ( great writing ), as time goes by Savannah and Kayden plan to make their relationship exclusive but when he leaves for a business trip Savannah is left behind just as trouble knocks on her door . I wish the book continued to know what happened but I guess we'll have to wait for book two.

I thought the writing created great characters and wrote a very sexy intriguing story

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