Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Deadly Addiction (Deadly Vices) by Kristine Cayne

Deadly Addiction (Deadly Vices, #2)

Book Description:

When beautiful police sergeant Alyssa Morgan enters his life, Rémi Whitedeer never expects her to upend it. Not only does she have his hormones in an uproar, she's also threatening to take the position he wants--Chief of Police for the Iroquois Blackriver Reservation. But Alyssa is more than a Barbie cop. Her ends-justifies-the-means philosophy, so different from his own, challenges Rémi on every level. With her sharp investigative skills and her fearlessness, she leads Rémi to confront bitter truths about his family and his standing as a man of mixed race within his tribe. 

Tall hunky Rémi Whitedeer, of the panty-melting grin and the smoldering green eyes, flips Alyssa's world ass over teakettle. She's always had a laser-like focus on the job, but Rémi proves a constant distraction. His inner strength and sense of purpose strip away the winner-take-all attitude Alyssa wears like armor. Soon she's longing for more--a more that terrifies and intrigues her. If he finds out the fine line she'd walked while undercover, will he still want her? And will she ever find the courage to let him--or anyone--that far in? 

When Alyssa and Rémi uncover a drug-fueled scheme involving a biker gang from Alyssa's past and a militant sovereigntist group led by Rémi's cousin, they are forced to choose between their growing love for each other and the lives they've worked so hard to build. Will Rémi and Alyssa have to leave everything behind--even their identities--for the chance of a future together?

Nanee's Review:

I absolutely positively loved this story , I did not want it to end. I couldn't put it down once I started reading it. 
Remi A hot as hell, sexy Indian with long black hair, green eyes and a body that won't quit is Leary of anything to do with the SQ. He wants nothing more than to protect his tribe on the res and get the drugs out of the kids hands. Alyssa a SQ officer trying to police the Res and be in charge of her own task force wants nothing  more than to get the drugs off the res and the criminal activity to stop. She wants the help of Remi and the tribe but they don't want anything to do with the corrupt  police force. Alyssa and Remi can't take  their eyes off each other, they want more but know they cant have it. I loved the back and forth between Remi and Alyssa, their hot stares and the sweet talking.  I also loved Remi's cousin Tommy , he sticks by his cousin Remi and always protects the tribe and his family.  I also loved their grandfathers character a very wise Indian that wants what's best for his family and is very traditional . His other cousin Chaz is the weak link , he's  in more trouble than he can handle but will Remi protect him? There are jaw dropping parts with other characters that you won't know whether to love or hate them and all the characters are wonderfully written.

This story is sexy, intriguing and  so much more...I highly recommend his story I want more Remi!!!!     Five Star Review 


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