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Spotlight !!! A debut story by Eric Huffbind...The Rescuer


Always desperate to find love, and more importantly, find Mr. Right. Emotionally exhausted from kissing one frog after another, only to not find Prince Charming on the other side of the kiss. He loves being needed and making a difference in people’s lives. At thirty-years of age, Jason Calhoun, is a social worker, counseling patients with a history of chemical dependency, and always the eternal, hopeless romantic. Jason has been trying to find love, but with men that are somewhat similar, to the emotional wrecks that make him feel that his life has purpose. Despondent finally, he realizes the wrongs of his selection process, and why it has not been a success.

Using alcohol, he tried to numb his emotional pain. But what has been going on in his life, that has brought such an arduous level of distress. Afraid of winding up dead, he checks himself into Watermeadow, a recovery and rehabilitation facility. His dashing good looks didn’t buy him happiness, but he learned how to survive off them to maintain his expensive lifestyle. Christopher Parker is twenty-seven years old, always admired for his amazing emerald-green eyes, and his brilliant intelligence.

For Jason and Christopher, sometimes the best way to find love, is to stop looking so hard for it. And sometimes, a billionaire nemesis, can stand in the way of life’s greatest joy.

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Spotlight of The Acrobat by Agnes Moon


TITLE: The Acrobat
AUTHOR: Agnes Moon
PUBLISHER: Self publisher
GENRE: Paranormal
SERIES: Blood Ties # 1
TRANSLATOR: Kevan Houser
PRICE: $ 3,49
LENGTH: 190 pages
RELEASE DATE: February 21st


The Acrobat is a professional thief with dozens of burglaries to his credit, but when he finds himself trapped in the enormous abode of a mysterious man, as seductive as he is lethal, he realizes that the police might not be the worst of evils.Vincent de Saint-Bonnet is incredibly rich, with many hidden secrets, and little will to live. A foul-mouthed little thief with magnificent blue eyes is just what he needs to bring some light back to his gray, long-drawn-out existence.

A thief looking for a valuable dagger, an antique dealer with hundreds of years under his belt, for whom the weapon represents an object of . . . inestimable value. Each man has a precise goal and nothing will stop him from reaching it. Not even the incredible attraction that grips them, pulling them into a duel, one fought with lies and seduction.



“Find anything interesting?” I sarcastically asked the figure who’d jumped nearly six feet the second the room lit up.

No shout, no exclamation, not a word. Just those incredible blue eyes staring at me cautiously and intently, scanning his surroundings for an escape route.

I admit, I was disappointed. Maybe not a terrified scream or a hand on his racing heart. . . but, parbleu! I would’ve appreciated at least a tiny reaction.

Lost in thought, I almost didn’t notice the black figure darting toward the door at supersonic speed. A speed that didn’t even come close to matching mine, naturally.

Without exerting myself in the least, I grabbed his arm. “Gotcha,” was all I needed to say, as I stopped his escape dead in its tracks.

He tried to wriggle free, but my grasp was ironclad. I knew I was hurting him, but he didn’t moan or utter a single word. Shorty was saving his breath, but the fury in his eyes, mixed with a touch of fear, did the talking for him—he was trying to hide it, but he was terrified.

“I’ll repeat the question,” I said patiently, as though addressing a disobedient child who was a little slow on the uptake. “Did you find anything interesting?”

“Yup. An arrogant old windbag!” he answered immediately, punctuating his response with a kick to my groin that made me double over in pain and temporarily loosen my grip on his arm.

The man took immediate advantage and bolted toward the door to the great hall. He moved like lightning, dodging the furniture despite the darkness that still pervaded that part of the room. A true cat-man, I thought, catching my breath and massaging my poor, mistreated balls.

I caught up to him a second later, this time grabbing him by the neck, squeezing gently, and lifting him up to his tiptoes, until he couldn’t breathe. I towered about eight inches over him, and saw a hint of desperation in his eyes. I felt a little sorry for him. . . but not very much. He needed to understand who was in charge here, and the fact I had his life literally in my hands seemed as good a way as any other to drive that point through his thick, thieving skull.

His survival instinct prevailed. He immediately froze, relaxing his arms and legs, trying hard to get air down through his constricted throat. He wasn’t fighting or struggling. He was probably saving his strength for a more opportune moment, but his eyes told me he was afraid I was going to kill him. I couldn’t blame him. Who knows what he might have heard about me?

I squeezed a little more, and when I saw his lips starting to turn slightly cyanotic, I decided he’d had enough. I suddenly let go and he dropped to the floor, gasping for breath—his hands immediately flew to his neck, as if to assess the damage. I granted him a few seconds to catch his breath. He was struggling, his breath rasping and laborious. When I saw the marks I’d left on his slender neck, I wondered if perhaps I’d gone a little overboard. The effort to breathe along with his accelerated heart beat caused his jugular vein to deliciously distend, and I had to force myself to hold back. . .

“Take your hood off!” I ordered, suddenly curious to see his face.

“Fuck you!” His voice, even more husky thanks to his injured throat, shot straight to my dick, making me painfully hard all over again.

“Don’t make me repeat myself. Take. Off. That. Hood.”

“Go. Fuck. Your. Self.” He shot back, looking up at me furiously as he tried to stand up.

I pushed him down on his knees in front of me. Which was exactly where he belonged, a wicked little voice whispered in my brain. I tugged that damned hood off him and finally saw his face.

I was momentarily speechless. He was just a boy. He couldn’t have been more than 20 or 25 at the most. And he was. . . stunning.

I’ve known—yes, I mean in the Biblical sense—a whole lot of men in my long life. Some were really very handsome, others fascinating and seductive, still others were ruggedly sexy—but this one. . . this abominable little thief took my breath away. His cascade of black curls, sweaty and disheveled from having been squashed inside that awful hood, reached down to his shoulders, framing an exquisitely crafted face. It looked like an artist had taken a chisel and committed himself to producing his greatest masterpiece, only to succeed with flying colors. The delicate features managed to retain their masculinity thanks to the square jaw and the straight nose that perfectly balanced the fullest and poutiest lips I’d ever seen. His eyes, which at that moment were shooting daggers at me, were a very pale blue, with a sort of darker halo circling the irises, making them look deep and magnetic.

“Happy now?” he dared to ask, with that husky, sexy tone I started to think was his normal voice.

I grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back. I stared him in the eyes. He was on his knees in front of me with his face directly in front of my increasingly swollen crotch. No, I wasn’t happy in the least. I wanted to stuff my dick in his beautiful, nasty little mouth until he couldn’t breathe again. That would definitely make me happy!


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Spotlight! Manny Makes Three by Sean Ashcroft

Hello gorgeous ;)

First of all, I want to thank you for helping me make the release of Spring Fling such a success. I'm overwhelmed by the positive response and so excited for the year ahead--I've got a ton of books planned that I think you'll enjoy!
For example: this one! The official release date for Manny Makes Three is the 13th of February (just in time for Valentine's Day), but because you're a newsletter subscriber, you get an early sneak peek. It's unedited, so please forgive any embarrassing mistakes...
“Hey, have you seen an Alabama licence plate yet?” Mark asked, glancing in the rearview mirror to look at his son. Dylan was colouring peacefully, clearly tired, but Mark felt guilty for leaving him for so long.
Thanksgiving and Christmas had been easy enough. He’d been able to get time off, his family had been around, and babysitters had been everywhere when he’d needed one. Spring break was a different story entirely. He hadn’t seen Dylan in over a week, and he hadn’t realised how much he’d miss him until then.
Dylan was the only person Mark really had in the world. Without him at home, sleeping in his office a few nights a week had seemed like a better deal than driving back and forth to work every single day. He’d been miserable the whole time.
“No,” Dylan responded after going through the checklist in the little notebook he was carrying. They’d started the game when Mark had dropped Dylan off with his sister-in-law, and were continuing it while they drove home to New York.
“He’s a long way from home,” Mark said. “How many you got left?”
“Eleven,” Dylan said after a pause. Sometimes, it was weird that he could count at all. Mark remembered him as a tiny baby, gripping his fingers and grinning up at him. He’d grown up a lot since then, but the memory of him being small enough to hold in one arm was still there.
Not that Mark wished he was still that tiny. Dylan had gotten more fun to be around as he’d aged, developing his own personality, learning stuff about the world. Mark hated that he didn’t get to spend nearly as much time with Dylan as he wanted to. When he’d been little, it hadn’t made so much difference. Now that he was school-age, he knew how often his dad was away. He cared.
Leaving him with Alyssa had been hard. He couldn’t keep doing it. There had to be another solution.
Aside from getting married again, which he didn’t think was about to happen. No one wanted to take on a widower with a kid. Mark wasn’t even sure he was ready to love again.
“Eleven including Alaska and Hawaii?”
“Got Alaska,” Dylan responded.
“Oh, yeah!” Mark smiled as he remembered how excited Dylan had been when he’d spotted it. “Nice. So which ones are left?”
“Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia.”
“Maybe we’ll go visit some of those one day. Maybe in the summer,” Mark said, knowing that it wasn’t going to happen. He had no idea how he was going to manage over the summer holidays. When Dylan had been young enough for day-care, it’d been fine, but now that he was in school and there was no one to look after him over the holidays, Mark was screwed. Single parenting was hard, and he had no idea how so many people just did it. He could barely remember how his mom had managed.
She’d had family nearby, though. As an only child, Mark had no one. Not anymore.
“Okay,” Dylan said. It was obvious that he didn’t believe it, either. Mark had never felt more like a bad father than he did now. He’d missed so much of Dylan’s life already, and without help, he’d miss even more of it.
Alyssa had offered to take him on full-time. The idea had made Mark cringe at the time, the thought of losing the only thing he had left in his life too horrifying to really consider. It might have been best for Dylan, though. The stability of always having someone at home when he needed them was more important than Mark’s feelings.
What he actually needed was a nanny. He wasn’t sure those still existed outside of sitcoms, but he could find out. If they worked like he thought they worked, it might serve as a solution to his problems.
He had a spare room, after all, and that room had its own bathroom. He could have someone else living in the house.
The thought was daunting--bringing someone into his life like that, having to share his home with a stranger--but then, the thought of leaving Dylan with Alyssa permanently--or even over the summer--was much, much worse. Mark wasn’t sure he’d survive that.
He glanced in the rearview mirror again and saw that Dylan had fallen asleep. When he was awake, he was all questions and excitement, but asleep, it was impossible to forget that he was still a baby. Six years old wasn’t nearly old enough to understand why Daddy was never around. Why he had to stay with his aunt over the school holidays.
For Dylan’s sake, he’d have to deal with it. He wasn’t going to let his kid grow up feeling like his father didn’t love him. If that meant living with a stranger, fine.
It was much better than having to miss Dylan all the time, or only getting to spend time with him when he was trying to get him fed and bathed and to sleep, or up for school in the morning so he could go in extra early for before school care. That wasn’t fair, either. He deserved to live as normal a life as Mark could give him.
When they got back, he’d look into how nannies worked in the real world. It couldn’t hurt to do a little research. Looking it up didn’t mean he had to do it.
He definitely had to do something, though.

Author Interview

1. Why writing? and why M/M romance?

Like most writers, I was always that kid who sat in the back corner of the library with his head in a book while he was growing up. I've done loads of other things, but I always come back to books--and fiction in general--as the thing I love the most. I write M/M romance because I'm a sucker for a love story and I like one I can imagine myself in even better.

2. What authors influenced your writing and or who are your go to authors to read when you are not writing?

Oh gosh, so many! I read just about everyone in M/M, but I can never quite call that non-work, because I can't help analysing as I go as well. Everyone I've read has influenced me one way or another. I know for certain that I pick up turns of phrase and other snippets in everything I read. I think everyone does.

3. Have you ever collaborated a story with another author?

I have not! I imagine I'd be a nightmare to work with between having no particular sleep schedule and not necessarily writing things in order.

4. Do you find in recent years the popularity of M/M romance has risen drastically?

I suspect it has, since I hadn't heard of it until relatively recently and I now know it's been around for a while, but it could just be that I'm the last one at the party, as usual.

5. What is your typical day like? Do you have a set word count you set for yourself to achieve or do you just let the story flow?

I've tried set word counts and found that what happens is I get to about 90% of them and then... stop. Instead, I set myself a 30 minute timer and make myself write without stopping for the full 30 minutes, then take a little break, then start all over again. I set myself impossible deadlines when I start a new book to speed myself up.

6. How many books do you typically write in a year?

Well, my current pace is about one every five weeks, but I haven't been doing it for a full year yet. I suppose that's 10 a year, but we'll see!

7. Are you a full time writer? 

I split my time between writing and editing these days. One day I might give up the editing, but I rather like meddling with other people's work.

8. Do you find your readership is more men or women?

I don't honestly know. I think the common perception is that most readers are women, but I suspect there's a lot more men reading this genre than people believe. I think a lot of them are mostly quiet about it in public, though.

9. Any advice you can give to new writers in this genre (like myself?) 

Make friends! By far the best thing I've done so far (... other than emotionally torturing innocent fictional queer men) is formed friendships with readers and other authors. You can't do that in every genre, so it's nice that you can do it in M/M romance.

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Hunter by Dakota Storm

GENRE: M/M Romance
Release date:  Feb. 11th 2017 
Publisher: JMS books LLC


Sexy as sin bounty hunter, Hunter Jones, lives, eats, and breathes his next case. He's always been content to live his life on the road with no attachments and no one to answer to. Love was for other people, but when he stops in a small town for a little R&R and meets up with a fellow bounty hunter to review a case, he runs into the man in every one of his wet dreams, only Hunter isn't ready for love, but Donovan turns his head and his heart upside down.
Donovan Madsen has it all; a lucrative business, a close-knit family and a best friend, who he shares it all with, but something is missing. Donovan always dreamed of finding the "one", settling down and living the small town life, but he never thought it would happen…until Hunter.
The mutual attraction is instant and intense; neither can say goodbye.
As trouble brews and Donovan is kidnapped, Hunter realizes life is too short to not take what he wants. FBI, Mercenaries and bounty Hunters fight for their lives in this action packed romance, where lives are on the line and their love might not be enough.


Feeling reluctant to take his hands off of Hunter's sides, Van climbed off the back of the bike and stretched his legs a little, smiling sheepishly at Hunter.
"It's been a while since I road on a bike," Van told him and smiled.
"Yeah, well, I've been on it for the last three weeks, pretty much straight. I eat, sleep, and ride. I'm on a bit of R&R now."
Trying to keep his giddy smile hidden, Van wanted to jump up and down that this god-like creature was in his small town for some R&R. Turning so he faced Jocassee Lake, he leaned on the side of the picnic table. He loved the view from this spot and could usually gaze for hours at the wildlife and rugged terrain, but he was too focused on Hunter to take it all in today.
"So, how long are you in town for, Hunter?" Van whispered.
Doing a little stretch as well, Hunter strutted over to where Van was leaning. He had a loose-legged walk that brought Van’s mind immediately to sex. Looking into his eyes, Van couldn't help but get lost in their depths again. Time seemed to stand still as Hunter leaned into Van's space and whispered, "As long as you want me to be," and kissed the side of his mouth.
Van couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t focus. All he could do was feel, and what he felt stunned him.
The only noise, besides the occasional hawk screeching for his next meal, was Van's gasp of air as Hunter kissed him again, lightly running his tongue over Van's lower lip before gently biting it. Van’s arms had a mind of their own as they grabbed onto Hunter’s hips, pulling him closer.
Both were out of breath, and they hadn’t done anything but exchange a few light kisses. Van couldn't ever remember getting so turned on by just a kiss. This man was so good, yet so bad for his heart. Van could feel himself getting addicted to Hunter’s kisses and craving so much more. He was fucking screwed and he knew it.
Shit, Hunter thought about what Van would taste like the whole ride up the mountain, now he couldn't get enough. His taste was warm and sunny with a hint of cinnamon. When Van's hands landed on his hips, pulling him forward, it took all of Hunter’s control not to grab his head and plunder his mouth with his own. But he knew less than nothing about Van, other than he seemed a little on the shy side, and he didn't want to scare him away. Hunter was more of a rough around the edges, take no shit kind of guy, but being there with Van made him want to take his time and savor. Savor Van’s taste and the way his cock rubbed against his through his jeans. Jesus.
"Kiss me," Van begged as Hunter again ran his tongue around his mouth, biting not so gently this time at his lips.
Needing no more encouragement, Hunter grabbed the back of Van's head and slid his tongue roughly into Van's mouth, enlisting a long groan from the man. Van’s cock, having a mind of its own, rubbed faster against Hunter's, and his tongue wrestled for domination. Hunter grabbed the hair at the back of Van's neck, forcing his tongue deeper into his mouth, sliding his tongue in and out, mimicking what he wanted to do next. He couldn't get enough of his taste, of his essence, his scent. Hunter didn't get mushy about kissing a guy, but damn it, he felt that kiss to his balls and back and was ready to explode.
The sound of a car pulling onto the gravel had the two reluctantly pulling apart, but not breaking eye contact as the car headed back in the same direction it came from.
"Well, that was..." Van touched his lips and smiled.

"Yeah," was all Hunter could get out as he adjusted his dick in his tight jeans. He couldn’t understand his need to hold on to this moment. He wanted to grab hold of Van and never let go.

About the Author

Dakota Storm was born and bred in rural southwest Massachusetts. Her love of writing romance brings many stories to life in her head all culminating in a happily ever after. Even though she lives up North she hates the winters but love cuddling up with her husband by a toasty fire. She harnesses her other creativity through photography in which loves to hike and capture animals in the wild. She loves to blog and read all genres but her favorite is m/m romance with a happily ever after. You can follow her on Facebook

I also have a newsletter for LGBT books and Authors. Announcing new releases, sales, freebies and more! If you would like to sign up to receive the email here is the link...


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Nanee's Review of Ghostly Investigations by Edward Kendrick


Jon Watts heard stories about ghosts but never believed in them ... until he becomes one. Now, if he wants to move on, he has to solve his own murder.

At least he'll have help from three new friends: Brody, an undercover cop who was killed five years earlier by an unknown assailant; Sage, a medium who can see and speak with ghosts; and Mike, the detective investigating Jon's murder, who doesn’t know ghosts exist until Sage convinces him otherwise.

Will the four men solve both Brody’s and Jon’s murders? The possible attraction between Mike and Sage only complicates things. Or are Jon and Brody doomed to remain ghosts forever?

Nanee's Review:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book from page one to the end and I would love to explain to you in DETAIL why but I don't want to spoil it for you!!!!

I felt for Jon from the beginning, the poor guy has to witness the police investigating the crime scene of his murder. He doesn't realize until Brody comes in the picture that he is a ghost! I love how patient and understanding Brody is. Obviously, he is a ghost himself but it's difficult for Jon learning and trying to remember what happened to him. Brody is going through his own turmoil and not having his own closure. I love these two characters, they are there for each other throughout the story. I love Sage as well, he is amazing in his abilities to talk with ghosts and help out Mike. New information arises putting Brody and Jon in a difficult situation. I love the mystery and intrigue throughout the story and love how Sage and Mike development a relationship as does Brody and Jon. These are four amazing characters that bring you right into the story! You will not want to put this book down. Great characters, amazing plot and a lot of surprises. 5 stars!!! Another great story by Edward Kendrick!!

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Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #11,134 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

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Nanee's Review of Under Pressure by Lori Foster


Leese Phelps's road hasn't been an easy one, but it's brought him to the perfect job—working for the elite Body Armor security agency. And what his newest assignment lacks in size, she makes up for in fire and backbone. But being drawn to Catalina Nicholson is a dangerous complication, especially since it could be the very man who hired Leese who's threatening her. 
What Catalina knows could get her killed. But who'd believe the sordid truth about her powerful stepfather? Beyond Leese's ripped body and brooding gaze is a man of impeccable honor. He's the last person she expects to trust—and the first who's ever made her feel safe. And he's the only one who can help her expose a deadly secret, if they can just stay alive long enough…

Nane's Review:

WOW! Leese is not only sexy as hell and takes his job seriously...he is sweet and caring and...Leese! lol...This book has you on the edge of your seat from page one to the end, I love the build up with what the heck is going on in Cat's life and who the hell is after her...well we know but don't really know the extent these people will go to get Cat under control. Cat is a strong-willed, tough chick who is down to earth and so damn sweet. I love the sparks between these two characters and love their flirtiness and their constant needing of each other. Love the action, the drama and the OMG what the heck just happened moments. Love all the guys that came to help out and check on Leese...I mean ALL the guys! I thought Justice was awesome as well, I hope he gets a HEA soon. This is a great story, Lori has a way of making a story bring you into the world of the characters, Great Read! 4.5 stars

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Jared's family by V.S. Morgan Coming Soon! Pre Order available January 31st.


After witnessing his mother’s death, a once outgoing preschooler is now a quiet shadow of himself. The little boy suffers nightmares and rarely speaks, choosing to use the basic sign language he learned in daycare. Desperate to help his little nephew, Virge Stevens takes a leave of absence from the LAPD to bring Donovan, known as D to Montana for the therapy he needs.

A chance meeting at the library changes Virge and his nephew’s lives forever.

Jared Malone is one of five brothers, right smack damn in the middle. He is the peacemaker and the one who gets shit done. When his younger brother gets sick, Jared fills in reading to small children at the library. There he encounters a tall, dark, and handsome stranger and his cute little boy. Jared is immediately drawn to Virge but is still dealing with the betrayal of an abusive ex.

As the Malone family welcomes them to the ranch and into their lives, Virge’s instant attraction for Jared grows, but the cowboy is fifteen years younger than him. Will he be rejected?

Both men have secrets. Secrets that could destroy the connection between them. Can they overcome the odds and find happiness together?


Another blond cowboy stood in the middle, working with a horse. He had a long rope around its neck, guiding it around the ring at a quick clip. The shirtless cowboy spoke in a firm yet quiet tone. Virge nearly choked on his tongue, eyeing the golden skin and muscles on display. This was their cowboy.

The man whistled, and the horse stopped. He rubbed its shoulder, his back to them, as they reached the ring’s split-rail fence.

“Daddy!” D shrieked, and the horse whinnied and shied, bumping into the man as it swung around.

“Whoa, easy, Spike,” the cowboy soothed.

Virge struggled to prevent his nephew from launching out of his arms while the cowboy calmed the large, skittish animal. He’d never been near a horse and was struck by its size and power, which the other man skillfully controlled. As the cowboy turned, Virge saw a tattoo on his chest. A redwing blackbird with a rainbow-hued ribbon dangling from its beak. His heart beat a little faster seeing the colorful ink. Could he be gay? The cowboy handed the rope to a dark-haired man before pulling on a T-shirt that stretched tight over those muscles. He suppressed a disappointed sigh.

Nate chuckled. “You’ve got some explaining to do, bro.”

“Hi, I’m Jared. I remember you from the library.” He approached with a rolling gait Virge found extremely sexy and offered his hand after wiping it against his denim-clad thigh. Damn, he was built all over and tall, just an inch or two shorter than his own height.

Virge shook his hand, hyperaware of the firm grasp of warm, work-hardened skin. “I’m Virge, and this is Donovan. He goes by D.”

“Glad you could make it out—”

“Why did he call Jared daddy?” Nate interrupted.

“He calls all men daddy and women mommy. If he especially likes someone, he adds their first names. D doesn’t talk much, so he must like Jared.” What about this cowboy had inspired his nephew to talk?

About the Author:
V.S. Morgan has lived all over the US but calls Minnesota her home now. Her family includes her hubby, teen son, and a menagerie of pets.

She's been writing stories since she could hold a pencil and dreams of happily-ever-afters - even for two hot men - because love knows no boundaries. V.S. writes IRMC contemporary, paranormal, and suspense m/m and m/f with heart. 

V.S. is a GLBT ally and a lifetime contributor of The Trevor Project.

Author Links:

Amazon Author Page: