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Nanee's Review of The Recluse by Edward Kendrick


TV star Laird Wakefield died after a motorcycle accident--or so it was announced to the news outlets by his doctors. Not true. With his face horribly scarred, he has gone into total seclusion, living in what the townspeople call "the haunted mansion on the hill" for the past five years.

But that is about to change. On a dare from his brother, twenty-three-year-old Dev Pierson breaks into the mansion's basement. When Laird catches him in the act, Dev is terrified at first when he sees Laird's face and Rage, Laird's huge guard dog. Much to Dev's surprise, after he explains why he's there, Laird invites him upstairs for a drink.

Slowly, a friendship develops between the two men. Then the question becomes, can Dev convince Laird to face his fears and end his reclusive existence? And if he makes the attempt, will Laird survive emotionally?

Nanee's Review:

Wow! Edward Kendrick does it again with a sweet and sexy story that I couldn't put down. I absolutely love these characters (I know I say this a lot in Edward's books but he sure has a way of creating characters that grab you and don't let go!) This story lured me from page one, Laird is amazing, I felt for him from the beginning, I wanted him to feel worthy of a life and of love but when he got scarred and his so called friends turned from him he knew life wasn't worth living until Dev came along. I love Dev, he's so damn sweet and doesn't care what's on the outside of someone and he isn't afraid of life. I loved these to together, first friends and then so much more. As all my reviews I try not to say too much about the story because I want you to feel it on your own and don't want to ruin anything but this story has so many layers, I love the way Dev brings life to Laird and Rage and happiness to his own life, these too together sure are hot! Laird grows so much in this story, I was like Dev wanting to protect him but with Dev by his!  love Trix and Nina so sweet and loving..I know I said this before but these characters wow! So many layers to these characters. This is a must read by Edward, you will love it from page one to the end. 5 stars!!! Love this cover too!!

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Blog Spotlight Ash and Cinders by Rodd Clark

Title:  Ash and Cinders
Genre:  M/M Romantic Thriller
Author:  Rodd Clark

Ash and Cinders is the third book in the Gabriel Church Tales. It’s been a successful series from the debut of Rubble and the Wreckage, and continues the story of a killer’s transformation from a soulless and driven madman to someone desperate to understand himself and his place in the universe in Torn and Frayed.

The final book, Ash and Cinders, places our main character of Gabriel Church in the greatest danger of his life. As a successful serial killer with delusions of some grand design in every murder, he proves to the reader that he is a remorseless and dangerous man. But the Gabriel Church tales are not what they appear, as fans find themselves rooting for the killer’s success and hoping that he will find love and peace with his one-time biographer, Christian Maxwell.

The series has received glowing reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, so I encourage you to see for yourselves what the fuss is all about. The first book in the series, Rubble and the Wreckage will be only 99c, and the second book, Torn and Frayed only $2.99, during the tour and up to the release of Ash & Cinders on December 5.

“…this book pulls no punches, makes no apologies, and basically kicks ass and takes names! Grab it if you want a mindbending, sexy read that will leave you wanting book two with a quickness!" (Bike Book Reviews)

The sequel to RUBBLE AND THE WRECKAGE has torn and frayed my nerve ends to the extent that it’s difficult to write about it. This book is a careening ride to hell in an old Dodge truck, its slick tires and rusty chassis eating the miles along the hard pavement of southwestern U.S. highways, up the spine of California, to the bones of the northwest its driver had once left behind. It’s a road trip through a diseased mind. It’s the odyssey of a killer, and it’s the voyage of a pitiable soul seeking God.” (Amazon reader)

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Going All In by Kristine Cayne Spotlight !!!


Men of Boyzville, Book One

Life has been tough on Harry Cooper. Rejected by his best friend, abandoned by his family, Harry spurns relationships, settling instead for backroom hookups and one-night stands. Out and proud, he scrapes by selling drinks in gold lamé trunks while struggling to make a name for himself as a musician. Desperate for a change, he and his roommate take a trip to Vegas, where Harry finds himself getting more than he’d bet on.
Fragrance chemist Ashton Montgomery is the man behind the Ashton George line of perfumes and colognes. He is also a gay man hiding behind the façade of one of New York City’s most eligible straight bachelors. After a failed paternity suit against him, he sneaks off to Vegas to celebrate his freedom. But is he really free, or is he locked into the future his parents have mapped out for him—CEO to the family business and married to a society woman of their choosing?

A chance meeting at a rock concert in Sin City catapults Harry and Ashton into an adventure where each man comes head to head with what he fears most. Can they learn to trust each other as a couple, or is undeniable lust all they have? When all the cards are on the table, they each must decide whether to fold or go all in.

Nanee's Review:

This book from start to finish has you rooting for the characters, I loved both Harry and Ashton. Harry you met in Lover On Top (if you read it) and is sweet and kind and a amazing performer but he's also sensitive and shy in some ways but flamboyant and out and proud, I love every facet of Harry. Harry makes you want to cheer for him..he's just that kind of guy. He's been through a lot with family and his bestfriend and now always feeling like the "one" is out of reach. Ashton, is sexy and gay but other than a few family members knowing he is firmly in the closet. I loved his character, he's stinking rich but doesn't flaunt it (well mostly he's kind and generous and lonely in some ways, he wants happiness but he isn't sure if finding someone is for him, his fragrance company is what matters to him..of course until he meets Harry. 

I love these two together, they have a hot as hell chemistry but also a link of sorts into each others feelings and desires. Once they meet sparks fly and just love these guys in the bedroom (Kristine can write sexy as hell m/m scenes!!!) wow....but also how they reach out to each other, they need to spend time together and they want to make their relationship work. Kristine writes amazing characters and the story takes you page to page wanting more but not wanting it to end. This is a whirlwind of WTF moments and OMG that just happened to awe and loving all in one. Loved this book. I love that Hollywood and Chad make a appearance (love them!!). This book is amazing, it's a must read!!! 5 stars 

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Amazon US: B01N08A299
Amazon UK: dp/B01N08A299
Amazon CA: B01N08A299
Amazon AU: dp/B01N08A299


Men of Boyzville, Book One

By Kristine Cayne

Harry Cooper burst through the door of his room at the Hard Rock Hotel. It closed behind him with a dramatic clang. “Girl, you will not believe—”
Spotting his best friend Melissa Kincaid half-asleep in a pile of pillows on the massive bed they’d had to share to get the special “Getaway to Vegas” deal, he gasped and slapped her boxer-clad ass. “Seriously? We’re in Sin City, and all you can do is sleep?”
“Yeah, yeah,” she muttered, rubbing her butt cheek as she sat up. “Did you get tickets to something good?”
“Yes.” He sucked in a deep breath. “You won’t fucking believe—oh my God.” He waved a hand in front of his face.
Melissa rolled her eyes. “Please tell me this isn’t another Madonna drag-show revival thing. I had enough of that last year.”
Harry scowled indignantly. That show in Portland had been a blast. But no. “This is a million times better.”
“Better than Madonna? Well, in that case…” She rolled her hand in a go-on motion.
Harry sighed. Melissa just wasn’t in the spirit of their holiday. Her boyfriend of two years had broken up with her right after Christmas, announcing that he was going to London to complete his Ph.D. She’d begged him to continue their relationship long distance, but he’d been adamant. This was going to be a new chapter in his life, and one he’d be writing alone. Yeah. Dick, much?
But that was exactly why they’d left soggy Seattle to come to Vegas. To soak up the sun and the booze and forget about the fact that Valentine’s Day had just passed, and they were both hopelessly single.
“Come on, sweetie,” he coaxed. “Try to guess.”
“Okay, okay.” She shifted around on the bed, adjusting her T-shirt, which had slipped off her shoulder. She was just so cute with her big green eyes and auburn, shoulder-length curls. If he weren’t gay, she’d be the girl for him.
She tapped a long nail against her chin. “Celine?”
Barely able to keep from blurting out his secret, he pressed his lips tightly together and shook his head.
“Cirque du Soleil?”
“No, but that would have been awesome.”
“Hmm.” She shoved off the bed and pushed aside the curtain, probably so she could see the show billboards out on the strip. Cheater.
She glanced at him over her shoulder, her eyes wide and hopeful. “Phantom? I’ve always wanted to see that.”
He laughed. “You know Gerard Butler isn’t in the play, right?”
“I can pretend.” She shot him a sassy smile.
“This is better anyway.”
“Nothing is better than Gerry as the Phantom.”
He sashayed across the room and got in her face, grinning like a loon. “This is way better. Guess again.”
Her gaze returned to the strip. When she spotted the sign, he heard the hitch in her breath. She whipped around and grabbed his shoulders. “The Red Hot Chili Peppers?”
He said it much louder than he’d intended. Okay, he’d shouted, but could you blame him? They were going to see the freaking Red Hot Chili Peppers, and he’d get to hear Flea, the best bassist in the world, live!
“Oh my God. Are you serious? Those tickets have to cost more than our whole trip.”
He shot her a wink. “I may have done some wheeling and dealing with the concierge.”
Her eyes swept over him and narrowed. “Please tell me no sexual favors were exchanged in this transaction.”
Shooting out his hip, he slapped a hand to his chest. “Moi? I’ll have you know, Miss Melissa, I do have other talents.”
Waving her hands in front of her face, she ducked her head. “I really, really don’t want to know.”


                                                                   Meet Kristine Cayne

Kristine Cayne's books have won numerous awards and acclaim. Her first book, Deadly Obsession, was an RT Book Reviews Top Pick and won Best Romance in the 2012 eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards. Her second book, Deadly Addiction, won two awards at the 2014 eFestival of Words and 1st place in the INDIE Awards, Romantic Suspense Category (a division of Chanticleer Book Reviews Blue Ribbon Writing Contests).

Her book Under His Command won Best BDSM Romance at the 2012 Sizzling Awards and was a finalist in the 2013 eFestival of Words and 2013 RONE (Reward of Novel Excellence) Awards, and her book Everything Bared was a finalist in the Erotic category of the I Heart Indie awards.
Going All In is Kristine’s second gay romance.

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Nanee's Review of Not Your Average Man by Edward Kendrick


I was an average man, not at all violent, until a bastard tricked my best friend into killing my lover, Mick. When that happened, with my best friend in prison for life, I took things into my own hands and killed the bastard.

Not too soon after, a man contacted me. The man Mick had worked for -- as a vigilante. He convinced me to take Mick's place, once I'd been trained to do what Mick had done.

I did. Now I'm a not so average man who might, just might, be falling in love with another vigilante. Coop Frost, to be exact. That is, if we can survive what comes next.

Nanee's Review:

What I love most about Edward as a writer is the fact he can switch between suspenseful and action packed stories with sexy as hell scenes to sweet and loving to paranormal and intriguing and they ALL have one thing in common that stands out the most (besides his amazing story telling) is the characters! The characters stand out in each story. They all have that special something that makes you want to turn the pages and makes you fall for them from page one.

This story has so many layers. Zane's life changes in a instant. One minute he has the love of his life, a best friend and a some what normal life...well....Then the next he has to kill with his own two hands the man that set his bestfriend up to kill his boyfriend and ended up going to prison for. Zane is then contacted by a man Mick his boyfriend worked for to become a vigilante. This story is intriguing, keeping you on your toes and rooting for Zane throughout. Coop Frost's character I loved too, he's tough as nails and so damn sweet. Love these two together. I loved how the story takes on a wild ride with wow moments throughout and of course a HEA. Love those!!!! Thanks Edward for another great story. 5 stars !!

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Nanee's Review of Barefoot at Midnight by Roxanne St Claire


Barefoot at Midnight

Lawson Monroe is a chef without a restaurant...but his friend and mentor makes a deathbed promise to leave Law the only dive bar on Mimosa Key. Law has big plans for the place, until he walks directly into the luscious body and gorgeous face of Libby Chesterfield and her outrageous claim that the Toasted Pelican should come to her.

When Libby learned that the man who once owned the crappiest watering hole on the island was actually her biological father, she decided the least he owed her was his unclaimed business. The old man wasn't there for her when she and her brother were growing up near Barefoot Bay, but his legacy can help her build a new future when she transforms the property into Balance, a yoga studio. The only obstacle? Her father apparently named former bad boy and current sexy silver fox Lawless Monroe his heir.

Law never thought he'd want anything more than the chance to make a living cooking his food for the people of Barefoot Bay...but Libby arouses an irresistible hunger in him. Battling an attraction that sizzles hotter than one of Law's cast-iron skillets and uncovering long-buried secrets with more twists than one of Libby's yoga poses, they'll have find a way to both get what they want...especially if what they really want is each other.

Nanee's Review:

If your a fan of the sexy stories Roxanne brings you from Barefoot Bay you will enjoy Barefoot at Midnight! Lawson or Law as everyone calls him is a sexy as hell Chef whose dream is to have his own restaurant someday, and when a dream of a lifetime lands in his lap he cannot help but hope for the future, the only problem with that is he lost his bestfriend and the man that he always considered his father. When Libby and Law go from flirty to so much more this dream restaurant turns into a nightmare of who actually owns it and what Libby's family has to say about all of it. There is much sexy and intrigue in this story and lots of Law. Man is he one sexy silver fox. I enjoyed Libby and law's attraction and Laws determination to become a chef and fight for a better future after living through his crappy child hood. Although it was not my favorite of Barefoot Bay I enjoyed the story and cannot wait to read more. 4 stars

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The Barefoot Bay World is made up of spinoff mini-series that are all set on the same sun-washed shores of a gulf coast island. Every book stands alone but readers love the overlapping characters, settings, and story arcs. There are billionaires, brides, bodyguards, and, now, silver foxes. So many chances to kick off your shoes and fall in love!

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Nanee's Review of Marrying the Single Dad by Melinda Curtis


A man called Joe 
Building a new life for himself and his preteen daughter brings Joe Messina home to Harmony Valley. That and showing his town that the onetime bad boy is now a responsible single father. His first move is to get his grandfather's defunct garage up and running. Except now he's got the FBI poking around, and there's a beautician with her eye on the abandoned auto parts. An artist who's happiest turning rusty junk into sought-after treasure, San Francisco transplant Brittany Lambridge is making Joe think they can create something rare and special together. But he has unfinished family business that could jeopardize his fresh start. Is Joe ready to believe in himself as fiercely as Brittany's beginning to believe in him?

Nanee's Review:

I have read many books by Melinda Curtis and I have enjoyed her lighthearted, sweet and funny stories, this one is one of my favs. I enjoyed the characters from page one. Joe. Shaggy Joe, Stoic Joe and of course Heroic Joe ( and I will add in Sexy Joe) all make up this complex single dad that got screwed in life big time. He wants to make a new start with his daughter (sometimes being mistaken as a boy) Sam. Joe is tough as nails and used to be the towns bad boy and his Messina last name doesn't give him any freedom to walk into his old town and be the quiet and hardworking dad he wants to be. The town people are laugh out loud funny. Brittany, now Brit is a eccentric, full of life Tom boyish, stylish not so ugly swan and wants to make a name for herself in the art world. I love her hardworking, I don't-care-if-I'm -a-girlie-girl ways, she funny and so loving and I just couldn't help rooting for her. These two characters together are so darn cute. They don't want to admit they want to get to know each other better. Love these characters together. Now Sam is fun and sweet but doesn't understand what happened with her uncle and why life has changed so much. It's a great story all around with some very sweet old bitties, to some grumpy old men and one guy who wants to be in a motorcycle gang. LOL. too funny! Great story, lighthearted and sweet. 4-4.5 stars

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Nanee's Review and Spotlight of Ricky by Ashley John


On the surface, Ricky Thompson’s life is one long party. His razor sharp wit and unwavering sexual confidence masks his true pain and suffering, and that’s how he wants to keep things. Ten years after the death of his fiancé, Ricky has completely given up on the illusion of love. Wild nights in the bar and even wilder casual sex have become his coping mechanism, and he wants to keep the party going at whatever cost. When he is attacked in a dark alley and left for dead, Ricky’s life takes an unexpected turn and the party suddenly comes to an end.

Chase Brody doesn’t know where life is taking him. Between running his gym and raising his son, Dylan, the only time he puts himself first is his once a week trip to the gay bars. His family has convinced him he needs to find a mother for Dylan, so he keeps his sexual desires secret. He always believed women were for love and men were for sex, but he is forced to reevaluate everything he thought he knew when he stumbles across a helpless man in need of his help.

After Chase takes Ricky to the hospital, he offers him free self-defense classes, but it soon grows into something more complicated and both men are forced to listen to their hearts once again. Chase doesn’t know how Ricky will fit into his difficult life, and Ricky can’t seem to let go of his past heartache. With so much at stake, will these men admit they were wrong about love and surrender their hearts to each other, or is the risk too great?

Nanee's Review:

WOW! Ricky had me from page one until the end! Ricky is a character you can't help but root for, he's sweet and sexy,  strong and sad all in one. Ricky is a complicated soul who is on the brink of loosing what friends and love he has because he's not able to deal with himself being , he doesn't think happy and himself belong.

Chase OMG OMG OMG Chase is sexy, badass and such a great father, I wanted his happiness so badly throughout this story. Love Dylan too, he's smart and sweet, Chase's other family members...well you'll have to read this story to find out but WTF. These two characters together fit perfectly. They are not what you would expect to be a perfect couple but they fit, they both need love and they definitely both need happiness, but they connect on a level that was amazingly written. I love Tom and Cole, Ricky's bestfriends, they want what's best for him but get exasperated at him at times, so many funny parts. This story just flows perfectly, the characters are great and there's lots of WTF moments. One character who I will not mention is AMAZING! lol. Sweetheart! Thanks Ashley John for sharing this story with me I truly enjoyed it! 5 stars

Author Bio

Ashley John is a young gay author of gay romance novels. Living in the north of England with his fiancé and two cats, Ashley John spends his days writing down the voices he hears in his head. His books are primarily romance dramas with sprinklings of erotica and he has a knack for making you feel like you're living right beside the characters he creates. Ashley John is also a keen artist and he puts his artistic side to designing all of his own covers.

Find Ashley John at

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